How To: Create a Post Footer Ad

If you head on over to my personal blog, Framed Frosting, you'll see that I have an ad that shows up at the bottom of my blog posts. Here at Passionfruit, this is what we call a "post footer" ad and today I'm teaching you how to set up one of your own in under 10 minutes. Framed Frosting Post-Footer-Ad


Setting up your Ad Spot

First off, you'll want to log into your Passionfruit account and click on "Site Setup" --> "Define ad spots". From there you can create a new ad space for your "post footer ad". Be sure to name it something clever, choose the dimensions, change the availability, and set a price.

Here are a few tips:


About: This is the perfect place to really sell this space to your sponsors. Be sure to explain exactly what kind of exposure they are expected to get from the ad space. For example, my "post footer" ads are on all blog posts except for product reviews and giveaways. I do this to ensure that those posts are getting the full attention they deserve. Some sponsors can understand that, but others might be against it. Just be sure your sponsors know the fine print beforehand.


Dimensions: For your height, I recommend that number to be somewhere between 70 and 100px tall. As for your width, make that as wide as the body of your posting section allows. Just test out different heights and widths until you find a size that works for your own blog.


Availability: You'll want to be sure to set the "openings" and "shown at a time" values to 1. This way there is only one advertisement shown at a time. By only showing one ad a time, this ensures that particular sponsor is getting as much exposure as possible.


Price: Remember, this is an advertisement that will be shown on EVERY single blog post of yours so price accordingly. You want advertisers to purchase this space, so don't overprice it, but don't undersell it either. It all depends on your following base, but just think about what you would be willing to pay on another blog for a similar ad space.


Displaying the ads

Now that you have your ad space defined, it's time for you to paste the display code onto your blog or website. You have two options...


Option 1: Manually insert the code into each blog post.

-- This means that each time you create a new post, you'll have to be sure to grab that section of PF coding in order for your ad to show up.


Option 2: Insert the code into your post template.

Framed Frosting Post-Template

-- I personally prefer this method, just because I can always make sure the ad is included in my posts. On your Blogger dashboard, click on "Settings" --> "Posts and Comments" Second from the top you should see a box labeled "Post Template" Just paste your PF script into there and you should be all set.

Now each time that you "Create a New Post" your advertisement will be loaded and ready to go! You won't see the actual image while you're drafting up your post, but if you click "Preview" it should show up there.


Wordpress users:  Check out the Ad Injection plugin, which gives you this functionality with tons of options and customizations.


Are you a business owner interested in purchasing this type of ad space?

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Is there something I didn't cover? Feel free to e-mail me: