Do This Today: Place Your Ads Higher

I’m starting a new series today of one-off tips and tricks you can do to improve your sponsorship program and sell more ads. First on the list: place your ads higher on your sidebar.

Sidebar ads are one of the most popular placements. Sadly most bloggers put their sidebar ads below their Instagram feeds and email subscription boxes and best-of post lists and everything else.

Advertisers want to be as close to the top of the page as possible. It’s simple: more eyeballs see the top of the page. So put your ads up there. Sidebar ads should be right below your photo and name if you have one sidebar, or even at the very top if you have two sidebars.

Check this perfect placement by Brittany of Life, Set Sail:


Picture + name first, social icons, and then her “lovely sponsors”. Then comes all the searching and tags and followers and instagrams and button sharing. Nicely done.

Now go rearrange those widgets and show your sponsors they’re important.

  1. Hi Jason, as noted in my email. We came to passionfruit today excited and ready to spend several hundred dollars on ad placements but after 3 hours we are leaving extremely disappointed. From someone who buys adds on a regular basis and works with others who do; when we go to buy ads we want placements in the post.

    Yes so the words are wrapping around the ad in some way or another. That is the number one preference. Second would be an ad at the end of each post or next an ad in between posts. If the only option offered by a site is sidebar ads we just move on to the next one.

    Unless the sidebar as is the very first thing on the side bar and is a 350×250 then we might consider it, but apart from that sidebar ads do not make money. In our experience/opinion. The sidebar is usually a jumble of 2, 5, 10 ads there of various sizes with competing color pallets, etc. It’s just a mess.

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