Do This Today: Adjust Your Prices

The most common question I hear is “how much should I charge for my ads?” Pricing is incredibly complex and depends on a hundred variables. There’s one thing I do know, and one thing you should do right now if you’re not selling or if you’re sold out: Adjust.

Having trouble selling ads? Have you sold one in 2014 yet? Then lower your prices. Maybe in half. Cut them down and publicize the special and see what happens.

Selling too many ads? Booked into summer? Then raise your prices! Bump those suckers $10 or $20 or $50 if you’re booked more than 2 months and see what happens.

I see some insanely varied success on the Passionfruit Marketplace. Some blogs sell out, others can’t get a bite. Wanna bet one big factor is pricing?


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